Here is what eLogic-X can do for you


1 file converted   .....   $4.50 USD

2-9 files converted ...  $2.10 USD each

10 or more files     ....  $1.60 USD each

   Up to 100 files for just $25

Contact us here  with questions or to place your order

How it works


Our Promises to you

1. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. (Note: the older the file, the more things you will find wrong with the conversion. For example, most of the Delay settings will be wrong.  But overall, you will be pleased or you are entitled to a full refund.)
2. Maximum of 48-hour turnaround time.  It is our goal to complete your conversions in under 24 hours.
3. All money transfers are done through secure transactions.  For more on Paypal, click HERE.  For more on electronic funds transfer, consult your bank.
4. All material sent will be treated with the highest confidentiality. All material sent to us will be permanently deleted once you are satisfied with your results.  And you will never hear your project other than in your own studio.


1. Send just one file to us to see if the results are to your expectations.
2. If you do send multiple song titles, combine them in a folder then compress (ZIP) that folder. 


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